Auto Blogger won 500, 000 USD with Jammin Jars Big Wins spent it all on buying nothing but Nissan cars and Pick-Up Trucks

Sue Burdutte from Canberra, Australia, is an Auto Blogger and Conspiracy Theorist who claims on her blog that major media houses including Alphabet, The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, 21st Century Fox and others bought major shares in the Automakers Honda and Toyota somewhere in the early 1980s and started making false claims on their newspapers, TV channels and other sources that only Honda and Toyota cars are the cars that can be relied upon, rest all are a waste of money and time.

Sue claims that the above mentioned propaganda of the major media houses worked even better than they planned and it is clearly evident from the ever rising sales of the Honda and Toyota and the ever declining sales of the Ford, Nissan and others.

According to Sue, Nissan followed by Ford are the most reliable automobiles but because no major media house ever bought shares in them, you won’t hear this fact in any mainstream TV news or newspaper.

Sue accuses the infamous mechanic Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer of being a puppet of the major media houses. She gives the evidence of her claim that he used to work for a news channel before belonging to a major news channel.

Sue recently won 500, 000 USD with jammin jars big wins and she spent it all on buying nothing but Nissan cars and pick-up trucks.

Sue applauds the mobile food delivery marketplaces of India for having united in order to produce a quadricycle on their own. She claims that they have been keeping it a secret because they are scared of the mentioned media houses and their stooges in India.

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