Bom Wisarut shines like the Sun after winning those bets on Fun88 Club

Bom Wisarut from Korat, Thailand, is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert, who doesn’t believe that the internet will ever be taken over by a newer technology.

Bom claims that the businesses that encourage their visitors to use Whatsapp, to get in touch with them have a 200% higher conversion rate than those who encourage their visitors to make a phone call.

Bom writes that it is an irony that the shopping websites find it hardest to make conversions, globally; eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and other major e-commerce websites are exceptions to this.

Bom writes it is a pity that unfamiliar clingy shopping websites end up making more sales than non-clingy unfamiliar shopping websites. By clingy websites, he means the websites that push the prospects too hard to buy something.

Bom believes that instead of ten, the search result pages must be divided into 15 search results per page.

Bom believes that the future of the SEO and IT Sector belongs to the Republic of China and it should be quiet evident by now to most ‘Real and Experienced SEO Experts’.

Bom writes that building links only with related sites is not the best strategy if your business is very highly competitive.

Bom says that he is blessed to have been born in a Buddhist family the laws or rules of which doesn’t refrain him from betting on fun88 club.

Bom claims that the search engines don’t care much about the backlinks as they once used to. He adds that the things are likely to remain the same for at least upcoming 10 years.

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