Small Business Owner Achieved His Dream of Writing a Book on Bangladesh with Agile Ball Money

Farid Ardiyansyah from North Sumatra, Indonesia, is a small businessman, who could recently accomplish his dream of authoring a book on the nation of Bangladesh, thanks to agile ball (bola tangkas) betting that made him financially well enough to pursue this dream of his.

Farid writes in his book that there should be no doubt in the head of anyone who studied the history of Bangladesh thoroughly that the term ‘Bangla’ comes from the ancient Sanskrit term ‘Vanga’ as described in the ancient Indian texts – Ramayana and others.

Farid believes that the hominids have been living in Bangladesh for at least over 700, 000 years now. He hopes that the researchers find out about this soon and stop misguiding people by telling them that the humans have been living in Bangladesh for over 20, 000 years now.

Farid doubts that the Austroasiatics lived in large numbers in what is now called Bangladesh during the ancient times.

Farid writes that Bangladesh was never as rich as some so-called Indian scholars like Dr Shashi Tharoor make it sound like.He adds that Dr Shashi Tharoor himself is a British national, and to gain attention, affection and voters, he makes exaggerated lies quite often. Then Farid adds that Dr Shashi Tharoor’s lie that the modern day Bangladesh was responsible for 12% GDP of the world before the British arrived is really a funny and ridiculous one.

Farid speculates that the current day Bangladesh would be divided into 3 different parts soon:- One for the Orthodox Muslims, Second for the Liberal Muslims and Third for the Hindu Minorities. Out of which, he believes, Orthodox one would be the largest and will have the biggest landmass, sympathy and cooperation from the other Islamic nations. He believes Buddhists and Christians would choose to go with the liberal Islamic nation in that scenario.

Farid claims that before replacing the Sanskrit with Bengali as the vernacular language in Bengal, the Muslim rulers of the Mughal Empire and their cronies tried to replace it with the Persian, but a large population of the place rejected it.

Military Dictators across the world love playing Baccarat

Beer Kannika from Phuket, Thailand, is an author, who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Andorra.

Beer writes in her book that Andorra wasn’t created by Charlemagne; It is a false notion created by the Roman Catholic Church. She believes it is very likely that it was created by one of Charlemagne’s descendants though.

Beer believes they will kick out Malta and Gozo from the European Union by 2027 and accept Andorra as a member, all thanks to the rampant corruption in the Island of Malta and Gozo.

Beer believes that the word Andorra comes from the Arabic ‘al-darra’ meaning ‘the thickly wooded place.”

Beer believes none of the accounts regarding the Prehistoric Andorra can be relied upon. She says she cannot comprehend how can people believe the prehistoric claims about a nation whose creator is unknown.

Beer once had a dream that Sorteny Valley in Andorra is the Garden of Eden in Bible. She says that she never felt such magical vibes anywhere else and she has travelled in over 45 different countries.

Beer believes that the day is not far away when the Andorra will not be a tax haven anymore and most of the population there will have to rely on Baccarat (บาคาร่า) for its livelihood.

Beer believes there is some secret connection between the chiefs of the Andorra to have ever been appointed and the Wallenberg family of the Switzerland. She writes that each and every member who got appointed as the head of the Government of Andorra in the past few decades was educated in Switzerland and that really proves something.

Beer writes it is a pity that there’s not much difference between the Andorran Parliament and the office of a Military Dictator.

One of the smartest ladies in Italy uses her winning amount to bet on Online Casinos

Alyson woke up one rainy morning to go to her shower and saw some of the worst soap scums there. She didn’t even know back then that there is some such thing that is available in the marketplace whose only task is to get rid of these so-called soap scums.

Alyson searched Google for best soap scum remover and luckily discovered the one that is really the best.

Alyson drives only muscle cars. She has a Dodge Challenger and a Chevrolet Camaro.

Alyson is a spiritual seeker by her very nature and in the September of this year, she joined the Nithyananda Sangha’s cosmic party. Alyson’s taste has changed a lot when it comes to the television shows as well. She used to watch a lot of sitcom, but it is only the National Geographic and Discovery Channel that she has been watching lately.

Alyson recently had a defamation suit filed against her by one of her competitors in the business but Alyson is certain that she will win the case. Alyson’s lawyer is her own cousin and she is a fantastic lawyer.

Alyson had several disagreements and arguments with her parents every week when they were alive but since they have passed away, Alyson has built a van food chain in their name.

Alyson claims that memories are the building blocks of one’s life and most of the times we are only getting better and we don’t know it. It is only too late most of the times when we think we have become perfect.

Alyson likes to wear a lot of jewelry and she recently bought a gold chain worth $5000 USD. Alyson has been investing most of the money that she wins with migliori casino online italiani in the cryptocurrency and gold lately. Earlier it used to be real estate but now she thinks that real estate is a scam.

French-English lady believes betting on the right AsianBookie was the best decision she ever made

Serena Paige is an American lady who was born in the city of Colorado, raised up in Miami and is currently living in San Diego, California. Serena is a great researcher of the eugenics. Whatever Serena does, she does it with an amazing and breathtaking spirit. Serena has achieved great success financially with her mindfulness and outrageously conscious, healthy decisions like choosing the right asianbookie. Now she wants to start a family and she puts the progeny above everything when it comes to marriage. She wants to give birth to beautiful, extraordinary intelligent and energetic kids.

Serena has gone a little overweight recently and to come back in the perfect shape, she recently joined a health club and also bought one of the best treadmill that she could find on Amazon.

So, Serena’s conclusion of her eugenics study and research is that the kids born to the parents belonging to totally different tribes with certain different qualities are the best kids. She even game some examples including that of the Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who was born to a Arab-Syrian father and a Swiss-American mother, Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, who was born to a French mother and Iranian father and several others.

The most primary reason for Serena’s joining gym is to become a stunner in order to get the perfectly healthy, good-looking, intelligent and successful gentleman who will become the father of her kids.

Serena’s ancestors were English from her father’s side and French from her mother’s side, her first choice for husband is an Ashkenazi-Jewish guy. She believes that Ashkenazi-Jews are the most intelligent people on earth and intelligence is the most primary characteristic that she is looking for in her future kids.

Bodybuilder is living his dream of owning his own gym with Tangkasnet Money

Raees, a bodybuilder and an exercise freak decided to open a gym. All his friends suggested that opening a gym would require a big budget with lots of risk as the competition in the industry is extremely high. More than 50 percent of the gyms get closed down forever within 8 months of their start in the city where Raees was planning to open one, but Raees was determined and he would do whatever it takes.

Raees asked his rich uncle for help, his uncle advised to him that he should start betting on tangkasnet website and he should be able to make the kind of money he needs; turned out his uncle was right. Raees had already planned a prime location for his gym. The location wasn’t so great in fact, but Raees had a plan that he could be doing very well using that location. Raees got a red and white board with the name Raees’s Baddie Gym written on it. Many people found the gym’s name weird, they said Raees’s Gym was good but why you had to insert Baddie in it. Raees told that the “Raees’s Gym” wasn’t available.

Raees inaugurated the gym in the May of 2017 and he did everything as he planned. It is amazing how Raees maintained the discipline of going to the gym with the same enthusiasm as on the day 1 even though the business wasn’t good.

Raees wasn’t willing to give up on his dream of running his own gym and the money he was making was barely enough to pay the bills that the gym was generating. Raees looked for the ways to make money when he wasn’t busy. He came across a rank tracker API which Raees thought he could make lots of money with. Raees started investing in it and now he is making more money than he thought he ever could with his gym. He has the gym running though, one receptionist and a trainer are there to manage the same.

27 Year Old Israeli made a Top Social Media Platform with Bitcoin Faucet Money

An 27 year old Israeli guy named Moshe built a social media platform with the money he made with Bitcoin Faucet. He always wanted to make it big and after completing the college was constantly involved in building something that he claimed would change the world forever and for good. He said that his social media website would make Twitter, Facebook and Youtube look like Orkut.

He raised and invested total US $ 4.5 Million in the project. The investment included his family house and some other family investments as well. He was so curious at the day of the launch of the website.

Big Surprise! The website has had only 632 users within 135 days and there seems to be no future of this website. Moshe went into depression and lost all hope in life.

Moshe started smoking and drinking. His orthodox Jewish parents wouldn’t stop him from the same because they fear that he will commit suicide otherwise. They thought that drinking and smoking are the only things keeping him alive and well.

An orthodox Jewish friend of Moshe named Yacov one day told him about Spotify Premium Offline APK and advised him to make the music his new hobby. Moshe himself was starting to get bored by his new lifestyle and decided to give it a go.

Now, Moshe is working on a new project and is more optimistic than ever before. He has had his lessons so far and is determined to make it big this time. Out of 24 hours, you will find him listening to the songs on Spotify at least 14 hours.

Kabbalah has hints revealing UFABet Secrets – Suthida Jompor

Suthida Jompor is a Thai author who has always been obsessed with the biblical patriarchs, Kabbalah, Abrahamic religions and many similar things. Suthida’s latest book was titled “Biblical Patriarchs – Lived in the Past, will come back in the future”. In her book, she thanked UFABet for providing her enough money to leave her 9-5 job and gather enough time to fulfil her dream of writing a book.

In her book, Suthida claims that the Antediluvian period is the same as Satyuga in Hinduism and has provided several proofs to back it up. Suthida has added that there used to be technology at least 100 times as advanced compared to the modern day back in the Antediluvian era and believes that the idea of MRI Machine also came to the mind of the inventor looking back at the Antediluvian period. Suthida adds that there used to be ant-sized MRI machines back in the Antediluvian period and she is not at all amazed at the news of the World’s Smallest MRI Machine that can conduct studies on atoms. Suthida claims that these sort of inventions were considered very minor back in the Antediluvian period and she says that she cannot wait for the Antediluvian period to come back. She writes in her book that she prays to the Yahweh all the time to give her dreams giving glimpses and sights of the Antediluvian period which Yahweh does almost every night. Suthida writes that she doesn’t agree with the scientists and doctors on as much as 95% of the things and she believes that the old testament and Kabbalah are the real deal if you want to live a conflict-free, blissful and happy life. Suthida believes that the Yahweh sends all these misguiding souls of the doctors and scientists that talk in conflict with the scriptures to the hell and although one of Suthida’s daughters is interested in becoming a doctor, there is no way that Suthida is going to let her become one, Suthida has been trying to convince her to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

Dr Onuma Tanglhuang applauds AARP and Football Step 2 for their incredible work in their respective fields

Dr Onuma Tanglhuang from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is a Nephrologist who claims on her blog that both or either parent with a history of CKD are very likely to birth a baby with hypofrontal lobe.

Dr Onuma writes she is disappointed that the rate of patients in Intensive Care Units has been increasing steadily even after such huge advancements in the field lately.

Dr Onuma writes she is proud that the rate of patient abuse in the nephrology department across the globe is too low unlike in case of many departments, especially in the third world countries.

Dr Onuma applauds AARP for doing an incredible work for the kidney patients just like she does applaud Football Step 2 (บอลสเต็ป2) for doing an incredible work in the field of Thai Football betting.

Dr Onuma believes that the protein A68 – a protein found in the brains of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease and in the brains of fetuses and infants can be used to cure many Chronic Kidney Diseases.

Dr Onuma has many endocrinologist friends. She adds that none of them is happy with the AACE – American Association of Clinic Endocrinologists.

Dr Onuma writes that adults who had Aarskog’s Syndrome as a child are 500% less likely to suffer with a CKD in their old age.

Dr Onuma writes that the Mawlanas of Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent have a very low rate of kidney diseases, mainly the chronic ones, for the reasons yet to be discovered.

Dr Onuma writes it is good that the recent studies have came to the conclusion that pregnancy is not as bad for the kidney health as they were once considered to be.