Dr Onuma Tanglhuang applauds AARP and Football Step 2 for their incredible work in their respective fields

Dr Onuma Tanglhuang from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is a Nephrologist who claims on her blog that both or either parent with a history of CKD are very likely to birth a baby with hypofrontal lobe.

Dr Onuma writes she is disappointed that the rate of patients in Intensive Care Units has been increasing steadily even after such huge advancements in the field lately.

Dr Onuma writes she is proud that the rate of patient abuse in the nephrology department across the globe is too low unlike in case of many departments, especially in the third world countries.

Dr Onuma applauds AARP for doing an incredible work for the kidney patients just like she does applaud Football Step 2 (บอลสเต็ป2) for doing an incredible work in the field of Thai Football betting.

Dr Onuma believes that the protein A68 – a protein found in the brains of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease and in the brains of fetuses and infants can be used to cure many Chronic Kidney Diseases.

Dr Onuma has many endocrinologist friends. She adds that none of them is happy with the AACE – American Association of Clinic Endocrinologists.

Dr Onuma writes that adults who had Aarskog’s Syndrome as a child are 500% less likely to suffer with a CKD in their old age.

Dr Onuma writes that the Mawlanas of Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent have a very low rate of kidney diseases, mainly the chronic ones, for the reasons yet to be discovered.

Dr Onuma writes it is good that the recent studies have came to the conclusion that pregnancy is not as bad for the kidney health as they were once considered to be.

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