Kabbalah has hints revealing UFABet Secrets – Suthida Jompor

Suthida Jompor is a Thai author who has always been obsessed with the biblical patriarchs, Kabbalah, Abrahamic religions and many similar things. Suthida’s latest book was titled “Biblical Patriarchs – Lived in the Past, will come back in the future”. In her book, she thanked UFABet for providing her enough money to leave her 9-5 job and gather enough time to fulfil her dream of writing a book.

In her book, Suthida claims that the Antediluvian period is the same as Satyuga in Hinduism and has provided several proofs to back it up. Suthida has added that there used to be technology at least 100 times as advanced compared to the modern day back in the Antediluvian era and believes that the idea of MRI Machine also came to the mind of the inventor looking back at the Antediluvian period. Suthida adds that there used to be ant-sized MRI machines back in the Antediluvian period and she is not at all amazed at the news of the World’s Smallest MRI Machine that can conduct studies on atoms. Suthida claims that these sort of inventions were considered very minor back in the Antediluvian period and she says that she cannot wait for the Antediluvian period to come back. She writes in her book that she prays to the Yahweh all the time to give her dreams giving glimpses and sights of the Antediluvian period which Yahweh does almost every night. Suthida writes that she doesn’t agree with the scientists and doctors on as much as 95% of the things and she believes that the old testament and Kabbalah are the real deal if you want to live a conflict-free, blissful and happy life. Suthida believes that the Yahweh sends all these misguiding souls of the doctors and scientists that talk in conflict with the scriptures to the hell and although one of Suthida’s daughters is interested in becoming a doctor, there is no way that Suthida is going to let her become one, Suthida has been trying to convince her to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

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