Military Dictators across the world love playing Baccarat

Beer Kannika from Phuket, Thailand, is an author, who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Andorra.

Beer writes in her book that Andorra wasn’t created by Charlemagne; It is a false notion created by the Roman Catholic Church. She believes it is very likely that it was created by one of Charlemagne’s descendants though.

Beer believes they will kick out Malta and Gozo from the European Union by 2027 and accept Andorra as a member, all thanks to the rampant corruption in the Island of Malta and Gozo.

Beer believes that the word Andorra comes from the Arabic ‘al-darra’ meaning ‘the thickly wooded place.”

Beer believes none of the accounts regarding the Prehistoric Andorra can be relied upon. She says she cannot comprehend how can people believe the prehistoric claims about a nation whose creator is unknown.

Beer once had a dream that Sorteny Valley in Andorra is the Garden of Eden in Bible. She says that she never felt such magical vibes anywhere else and she has travelled in over 45 different countries.

Beer believes that the day is not far away when the Andorra will not be a tax haven anymore and most of the population there will have to rely on Baccarat (บาคาร่า) for its livelihood.

Beer believes there is some secret connection between the chiefs of the Andorra to have ever been appointed and the Wallenberg family of the Switzerland. She writes that each and every member who got appointed as the head of the Government of Andorra in the past few decades was educated in Switzerland and that really proves something.

Beer writes it is a pity that there’s not much difference between the Andorran Parliament and the office of a Military Dictator.

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