Become a Receiver, a Receiver of Easy-Money – Luciano Lombard from Turin, Italy

Luciano Lombardi from Turin, Italy, is a full-time improver and part-time gambler, who practices celibacy as he believes it helps with wealth creation by bringing good luck. He says that when he used to hook up with girls on Tinder, he could never imagine winning as much amount of money with migliori casino online Italia as he does now since he started hiring escorts in Goa rather.

Luciano writes that reducing room temperature and avoiding meals right before bed helps with celibacy for him.

He believes there are many misconceptions on what is and and what isn’t healthy in the current times.

Luciano claims that the practice of celibacy is pretty well-established in the old cultures, such as in India and China. He says that the people who call it a broscience are completely ignorant.

Luciano claims celibacy expands consciousness similar to Marijuana.

Luciano writes that every man ought to live in a monastery for a few months before getting married; Because if you wouldn’t be content living in the monastery away from all women for a few months, you would never be content living with a woman for the rest of your life.

Luciano believes prayer is a type of meditation, but meditation is not necessarily prayer, however. He says that in prayer you act as well, but in meditation you receive as well.

Luciano recommends everyone that they practice different types of meditation.

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