Tampa Man stopped using Reddit and started betting on Singapore Soccer Sites

Pedro Swanson from Singapore, is a spirituality and self-improvement blogger, who believes there is an unparalleled beauty to depression when you accept it. He once wrote on his blog “It is midnight. Depression holds me close. It wraps its arms around me. I don’t fight it. I let it take a hold of me. I let it protect me. I let it numb me.”

Pedro believes depression is only ugly when you fight it and it is a pity that 99.99% of the people who ever get it, fight it. He questions “Why fight when your body is trying to protect you by putting you into a deep rest?”

Pedro tells his audience to listen to depression. He says it always has something very valuable to teach.

Pedro says you become depressed so you can see the world for how it is without your emotions getting in the way.

Pedro believes that true love is admiration. He says the love present in most relationships is not real love; there is an attachment, possession.

Pedro believes browsing manosphere is arguably as harmful as browsing pornography.

Pedro doesn’t browse Reddit anymore since he came across the term ‘Karma Whoring’. Rather, he uses the same time to bet on Singapore Soccer Betting websites.

Pedro writes on his blog that he cannot go out looking for a woman. Every woman he speaks to will be defiled. He will be vigorously speaking to them which in turn lowers their consciousness bringing them in the same ego realm. He claims this is why the advocates of MGTOW purport all women are the same. They don’t understand that the other is simply a mirror.

Pedro claims that if you die without having procreated, you will return to God. But if you procreate, you will experience consciousness through your children upon death.

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