This Yala Online Gambler loves Baccarat and hates Signal Groups

Nuis Day from Yala, Thailand, is a trader by the day and an online gambler by the night, who manages both private and institutional accounts of medium and large size. She is always curious to learn what other day traders are up to, so she joins different Discord servers, subreddits, and other social media platforms to keep a check on what other people are up to.

Nuis writes nothing gives her more pleasure than smoking hookah, drinking coffee and bet on bacara.

Nuis writes reading books related to money, business and financial freedom is her second best hobby after betting. She always complains that she doesn’t know many people that share the same set of hobbies.

Nuis has always been outspoken against the so-=called ‘signal groups’. She writes those who really manage to make money in the markets, don’t need to sell something. She adds if one could make 20k a day, why would they bother selling signals to 500 subscribers for 50 bucks per month. And if they were passionate about the markets, they would not try to get away from it and build a marketing business. Well, real estate, of course is obligatory. But signal group? No way!

Nuis once wrote a long comment beneath a YouTube video of one so-called trading guru that if you were comfortable with trading and enjoyed it, you would stick with that and get some nice swing trades set up!

She also added “You guys are afraid of the markets. You fear very click on the mouse, every single move in the market and every entry the take. That’s the reason why you switched to marketing and sales.

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