Makassar Mentor uses all the fee he accumulates to bet on Online Poker

Imran Ali from Makassar, Indonesia, believes there’s no reason for the Tesla stocks to go down. He says that the stocks split as it’s going into the S&P 500.

Imran doubts S&P 500 would affect Apple too greatly. He says that he is sure that there will be a boost at some point but not too big. He says it has more of an affect getting announced that it would be in the S&P 500 then it actually being here. His opinion anyway. Apple stocks split to make the stocks more accessible to a broader base of investors.

Normally, the reason, as stock prices are too high. In some places buying a fraction of stocks is just not possible.

Imran writes that a lot of average people have invested in some sort of stocks in the past half-year. He says that people are very interested in Tesla. But where stocks cost over 2000. It just is not possible for a student or so. They cannot buy fractions of shares and know very little.

Imran claims Tesla mainly split because of S&P 500.

Imran is a mentor also. He mentors people, teaches and sell his own e-books on trading, how to trade, how to start their own business. Everything related to business pretty much. Of course, for which he charges. All the money he earns that way, he uses to bet on poker online, which he claims has multiplied the same by 3 times within 4 months now.

Imran believes stocks like Berkshire Hathaway are still for long time. It’s because they cost so much or either not worth investing into.

Imran dislikes ‘Finance’ Discord servers as they mostly tend to be full of opportunistic ‘go-getters’ who like shilling their family, friends and random strangers out for a few cents.

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