Saudi Arabian Youtuber cannot spend enough time at the salon

Saba is a female Youtuber from Dubai. Saba’s childhood wasn’t a pleasurable one. She was labeled as “educable mentally retarded”.

Saba was always depressed during her childhood and the name “Mexico” always creates a nostalgic breeze in her mind. She wants to visit Mexico at least once in her life to know what that nostalgic breeze is all about. She hasn’t yet been able to go there.

Saba is a great singer and dancer. Her friends and family all always encouraged her to create a Youtube channel to showcase her talent. Saba was too shy to be on Youtube first, but she gradually started to think about it.

Only after first 2 weeks of creating the Youtube channel, one of Saba’s videos went viral and got 500, 000 views within that month only.

Saba’s confidence was very much boosted and she continued to upload 2 new videos each week. Now, Saba has over 2 million subscribers on the Youtube, over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and over 5 million Facebook followers.

Now, whenever Saba looks back at her past, she cries. She cries thinking about how much of her life she has wasted thinking about questions like “What others are thinking about her?” “Why god made her a retard?” “Why she isn’t as intelligent as the others?” “Will she ever find the man of her dreams?”

Saba also cries tears of joy when she reads the comments on her Youtube videos, Twitter and Facebook.

Saba never told anyone until recently that she even worked as a Delhi Incall Escort for a while when she lived in India.

Just like Les Brown said “Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.”

Saba is a Halloween freak and she is thinking of starting her own Halloween website as well, but she is too busy all the time getting her hair and face done at her most favorite ladies salon nearby whenever she is not creating a video.

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