Plant-Based Meat, Vodka and Online Pokies – Perfect Recipe for a Happy Life

Castor Troy from Western Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Blogger, who thinks the NBA and NFL players should use their platform to promote BLM and spread awareness to “systematic racism”.

Sand is really annoying and itchy and stuff.

Seawater is salty, also full of stinging jellyfishes.

People are really annoying, especially when there’s lots of them and they are strangers.

Sunshine hurts your eyes and skin.

People who go to the beach to have a good time are experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Castor Troy

Castor believes there is going to be no winner in the geopolitical showdown/conflict between America and China.

Castor claims Hempel’s Raven Paradox is 100% refuted by the standard Bayesian solution.

Castor believes both American and Chinese imperialism are not good for the world.

Castor thinks the World Trade Organization should scrap fishing subsidies.

Castor believes American History should be mandatory in classrooms globally as he believes it is full of wisdom like no other.

Castor says he would rather have Boris as the President of the US for 40 years than having Donald Trump as the President of the US for 4 more years.

Castor believes an illegal immigrant’s child should never be given citizenship to the country they are born in.

Castor believes Israel has no right to exist.

Castor prefers vodka over whiskey and Best Australian Online Pokies over any other.

Castor believes men are naturally more benevolent while women are malevolent by nature. In case of the children, they are more benevolent than malevolent in general.

Castor believes plant-based meat will eventually be the main type of meat consumed by the majority of the people.