Free Money Is As Real As The Human Society

Rolland Steinert from Gahanna, Ohio, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes that the society does not exist, we just like to think it does, just like we just like to think that free money doesn’t exist, but in reality it does.

It is crazy that so many people support Trump, despite the news and the polls, 70 million votes for him. My whole family and extended family hates him. With the news constantly saying he is satan.

Rolland Steinert

Rolland believes Donald Trump is Modern Caesar and Democracy is trash.

Rolland campaigns actively online against automation and drugs.

Rolland used to actively campaign against death penalty online, but then realized the pros of it after noticing the rise of the crime rate in the countries it was lifted off.

Rolland still cannot figure out why Trump did the travel ban for predominantly Muslim countries. He is not willing to agree with those who claim that he was actually enforcing a policy written by Obama appointed Democrats for terrorist hotspots and lack of documentation.

Someone in my extended family was the Liberal Defence Minister of Canada in like the year 2004, he went to Afghanistan and his car got bombed.

Rolland Steinert

Rolland doubts the whole world will be Communist by 2060 and there will be no national boundaries anywhere with the descendants of the current Mexican Powerful Drug Cartels in some of the most powerful government designations.

Rolland believes all the US elections are rigged and the President of the USA is a puppet of the CIA. He wishes if the CIA chose Donald Trump, as Rolland could at least stand his speeches. He used to watch Trump on the TV when there was nothing else to watch.