Chelsea Clinton Will Remove All Taxes From Slot Machines In US After Becoming President – Wolf Noack

Wolf Noack from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks there is no such thing as the best cuisine, it is just a matter of taste and the pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza.

Wolf thinks South Korea would be better if more focus was put on local elections and local responsibilities rather than national elections and national responsibilities.

Empires over Nation-States any day of the year.

Wolf Noack

Wolf thinks personal data ought to be treated as private property.

Wolf believes in the near future, most first-world kids would be educated using video games and the tradition would follow soon in the second and third-world as well.

Wolf believes Chelsea Clinton is going to be the First Female US President and Judi Online will overtake every other gambling style in terms of revenues and popularity.

Wolf thinks Koreans’ response to the rioting in Los Angeles, 1992, is the perfect example of why US needs the Second Amendment.

Wolf believes age is a social construct and beauty is objective. He also believes beauty pageants do more harm than good.

Wolf thinks Carlism should have won the Spanish Civil War.

Wolf believes suicide is never justified and transgender women are real women.

Wolf finds books better than films as entertainment.

If 16-17 year olds can’t vote, their pay checks shouldn’t be taxed. Otherwise, it is taxation without representation.

Wolf thinks a society cannot be Egalitarian if it is Capitalist, and race is not a valid scientific term.

Wolf believes loot boxes is gambling and gaming disorder is real.

Wolf writes a government is being tyrannical if a disgruntled populace play by its own rules.

Wolf believes Jeffrey Epstein was an asset of the Israeli Mossad, United States of America’s CIA, British MI6 and Indian RAW.

Wolf thinks art movements can be better/worse than others.

Wolf writes he will never join a protest, no matter what they stand for.

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