The Cultural Decline In Europe Is Responsible For The Increment In Sports Betting News Popularity

Futaba Tanaka from Toyko, Japan, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes conservatism is becoming the new counterculture. She believes freeganism can be considered as a sub-culture. She believes there is a paedophile conspiracy among the global elite. She also believes one should judge a person based on their music taste.

Futaba thinks the mentally retarded should receive the right to vote.

Futaba thinks Khazaria should be considered a Jewish state.

Futaba is unhappy that Anachronism has become a too common argument in the west.

Futaba claims wearing a Kippah increased the beard growth rate on her husband.

Futaba thinks the bay of pigs should have succeeded; Schools should teach students a healthy diet; The government should sponsor digital literary courses for old people; Mainstream Media should show latest sports betting news more than the celebrity and sports news; The cultural decline in the west must be put to an end.

Futaba believes the trend of the internet becoming less free will eventually be reversed. She also believes that techno-nationalism poses danger to internet freedoms.

Futaba thinks it is stupid comparing Muslim immigrants in Europe with invaders. She spends 20 minutes a day bashing White Supremacists who think that way on the social media.

Futaba doesn’t agree with those who believe Lukashenko (Belarusian President) that Russian mercenaries tried to incite unrest in Belarus before the elections.

Futaba wishes if encyclopaedias were unbiased and the escorts in US were as hot as those Delhi escorts.

Futaba doesn’t agree with those who believe there are some words and/or expressions that cannot be translated.

After participating in several Discord groups, Futaba has come to the conclusion that poggers is an actual hate symbol.

I would happily volunteer in a Second American Civil War if it were to happen.

Futaba Tanaka

Futaba thinks the breakup of the UK is more likely to happen than not now Post-Brexit. She predicts it is going to happen within the next 10-20 years.

Futaba thinks Donald Trump should be permanently removed from the Twitter. She also thinks that Donald Trump should be held accountable for perpetuating lies about the election.

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