A Small Italian Village That Bets On Safe Online Casinos Full-Time

Abriana Cairo from Naples, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes when it comes to the European Politics, she likes parties like Alternatif fur Deutschland, The National Front, The Golden Dawn, the Fascists in Italy, etc.

Abriana once met a small community in her native village that has a mutation of protein linked to breaking down cholesterol. She says she never heard of such a thing till she met the people of this community.

Abriana met some Muslim immigrants once who told her about their belief that they will Islamize the actual Rome in Italy with the money they win with safe online casinos (casino online sicuri).

Abriana is sad to learn that several tourists to Italy each year fail to enjoy the Italian experience.

Abriana writes it is funny how all Arab nations couldn’t defeat Israel, but Turkey managed to defeat Britain, France, Greece, Armenia and Italy.

Justinian almost killed Belisarius (the General who singlehandedly reconquered North Africa, Sicily, Italy and beat back the Persians). Justinian opted instead to let his wife turn Belisarius into a cuck.

Abriana Cairo

Abriana doesn’t agree with those who say the word “Italic” is used to refer to Pre-Roman Italy. She believes it has its origins somewhere else.

There has never been a Muslim Terrorist Attack in Italy because we had a lot of Communist terrorist attacks in the 1980s, so our intelligence is trained and experienced against terrorism.

Abriana Cairo

Abriana writes that the best thing about Italy is that during winter, it is pretty cold and during summer it is pretty hot unlike its casinos or those escorts in Morjim which are hot all 12 months of the year.

Abriana writes it is a pity that in Italy in Emiglia Romagna close to half of the private sector is collectively owned by its workers and a lot of that was from structural changes to local laws and they happen to blow the rest of Italy out of the water when it comes to the wages, job security and job satisfaction.

Abriana agrees with those who say that Italy is a pretty strange example for labour markets.

Abriana has a Moka pot but she only uses that because she has a gas stove as well. She writes if you don’t have a gas stove, the best is to get a French press or a drip coffee pot, one with a timer is even good, then you can make a whole pot. She adds that her ‘Made in Italy’ Moka pot only makes one cup at a time, so it is not good for the guests.

Abriana doesn’t agree with those who say that Italy has been inferior even since Rome fell to the Barbarians.

Abriana’s brother works for a Dutch company that recently opened subsidiaries in all over USA and Europe. They are about to move to Italy and very likely will close their headquarters in Netherlands.

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