Political Pundits Forget About Politics Altogether Once They Get Used To Making Money Through Online Casinos

Zakir Ali Radzhan from Kuching, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes there has been Shia unrest far before the Iranian Revolution. He writes the truth is that they are discriminated against and denied many rights almost everywhere, hence they have every reason to demand it.

Zakir lived in Palestine for a good while and while being there, he observed that the Palestinians were being killed by those reprobates. He writes however at the same time, he doesn’t know any Palestinian who lived in Gaza and didn’t lose at least one family member. He comments that after the whole Jerusalem move and the coming out of the shadows for some nations within Muslim Ummah to finally show the Muslims that they were on board with Kushner’s formula of selling a mothballed state to the Palestinians and that they were in bed with the Israelis. He further comments that the Palestinians have time and time again attempted to make peace only to be met with prevarications.

People think of the terrorists the way media portrays them but the terrorists are the clean looking people in suits and dresses who enjoy nights with those fantastic Morjim female escorts on a regular.

Zakir Ali Radzhan

Zakir claims the Israelis have been testing their weapons on the poor Palestinians. He further claims that when the Israelis sell their arms to Muslim hating nations like India, it literally says “Tested in Gaza”.

Zakir claims the CNN has been the worst channel when it comes to the issue of the Palestine. He accuses them of smiling recklessly at the beleaguered Palestinians and always undercutting the voices of the Palestinians asking for their rights from degusting verbal belch by fake political pundits. He says that these so-called political pundits should rather learn the Malay language and make a living through trusted 2021 Malaysia online casino as they are definitely not fit for their job and have been doing Iblees’ work. He further accuses the CNN of dehumanising the Palestinians like no other TV channel.

Zakir claims to know a man who once worked as a paratrooper in the Israel Defence Forces. He told him that the IDF as an institution commits many horrible things towards the Palestinians at the behest of the Ghoulish Israeli Government. He doesn’t completely blame the people who are part of the IDF for this as Israel has a mandatory military conscription system for men and women of 18 years of age, hence it is not their fault, they just happen to be a part of such ghastly military organization, but he rather blames those who take pride in their service for the IDF, especially any service that involves harming Palestinians while trying to promote it as a ‘good’ and ‘benign’ institution and doing their best to getting away with many of the terrible things they have committed against Palestinians as ‘moral’.

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