Moving to Hong Kong from Ireland might sound retarded to most but it can turn into a goldmine for some

Julia Quinn is one of the friendliest citizens of Hong Kong that you have never met. Julia was born to an Irish couple in the city of Waterford but she migrated to Hong Kong as her business plan was only applicable there. Julia expected to make billions within a decade with her business idea but somehow she has only been able to make millions. She has promised her friends, family and herself that she will become a billionaire by 2025.

Julia is one daring woman and it is evident from her migrating to a country like Hong Kong from a so-called heaven – Ireland with nothing but a business plan.

Julia’s daring and courage is not merely evident from her decision of moving from Ireland to Hong Kong, but it is evident from almost each and everything that she does including making bold claims publicly like “Moammar Gaddafi was killed by the United States of America in alliance with the state of Saudi Arabia”.

Julia claims that the United States of America is the real brain behind most of what has been going in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Eurasian countries and South Korea for the past few decades. Julia says that the mainstream media will tell you that these are mere conspiracies whereas what the mainstream media shows us is the conspiracy and what they allege to be conspiracies are the realities.

Julia is a student of history and she says that many historians throughout the history have confused the black death with the flood and the flood with the black death (plague). Julia says that the plague was never as widespread as it is believed to be and more than half of the deaths reported to be caused by the plague in reality happened because of the flood.

Julia is not scared to accept that chudjen bet is responsible for 30% of her income and she is proud of this fact instead.

Saudi Arabian Youtuber cannot spend enough time at the salon

Saba is a female Youtuber from Dubai. Saba’s childhood wasn’t a pleasurable one. She was labeled as “educable mentally retarded”.

Saba was always depressed during her childhood and the name “Mexico” always creates a nostalgic breeze in her mind. She wants to visit Mexico at least once in her life to know what that nostalgic breeze is all about. She hasn’t yet been able to go there.

Saba is a great singer and dancer. Her friends and family all always encouraged her to create a Youtube channel to showcase her talent. Saba was too shy to be on Youtube first, but she gradually started to think about it.

Only after first 2 weeks of creating the Youtube channel, one of Saba’s videos went viral and got 500, 000 views within that month only.

Saba’s confidence was very much boosted and she continued to upload 2 new videos each week. Now, Saba has over 2 million subscribers on the Youtube, over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and over 5 million Facebook followers.

Now, whenever Saba looks back at her past, she cries. She cries thinking about how much of her life she has wasted thinking about questions like “What others are thinking about her?” “Why god made her a retard?” “Why she isn’t as intelligent as the others?” “Will she ever find the man of her dreams?”

Saba also cries tears of joy when she reads the comments on her Youtube videos, Twitter and Facebook.

Saba never told anyone until recently that she even worked as a Delhi Incall Escort for a while when she lived in India.

Just like Les Brown said “Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.”

Saba is a Halloween freak and she is thinking of starting her own Halloween website as well, but she is too busy all the time getting her hair and face done at her most favorite ladies salon nearby whenever she is not creating a video.

Department Store Cashier’s Rise to Becoming One of the Richest Women in Thailand with Online Baccarat

Belinha used to work as a cashier at one of the top department store chains in Thailand until about 8 months ago. Belinha is 28 now and is a millionaire. Belinha owns a Volvo V90 Cross Country, a BMW 7 Series, a Mercedes E Class and a Jaguar XJ. Do you think it is possible for a department store cashier to have 4 luxury cars at age 28?

Belinha is getting married to her childhood sweetie this year in the month of November. Belinha was surprised to see that her childhood love has already gone bald by now and she gave him the money to get a hair transplant.

Belinha also has many pets now including a Brazilian Mastiff, a Chihuahua, 4 Hamsters and a Munchkin cat.

Belinha still recalls the day when she didn’t have enough buy to earphones to listen songs after coming back home from work. Belinha now lives in a nice lavish bungalow in Pattaya with freshwater fishes all around and wants to shift to Bel Air one day.

Belinha, after she got an internet connection, didn’t waste her time doing useless chats on online chatrooms after getting an internet connection. She used her time on the internet very wisely learning new skills. About 15 months ago, Belinha came across a website teaching how to dropship products from Amazon to eBay. You buy at low prices from a website and sell it for higher on eBay. Belinha really liked the idea and started daydreaming about becoming a billionaire and her new life. But sadly, her job didn’t pay her enough to start her own dropshipping business. Would you like to know what Belinha did to get enough money to start her own dropshipping business? Then check out this no commission Baccarat (บาคาร่า ไม่มีคอมมิชชั่น) website right now.

Wealthy Mongol-Swedish Real Estate Agent uses these tips to improve gas mileage in each of his 15 cars

Batbayar was born and raised in the Darkhan city of Mongolia. When Batbayar was 18, he moved to Ulaanbaatar to look for a job. Batbayar only completed junior high school, after that he worked 2 years at his uncle’s grocery store who accused him of stealing money, after Batbayar was accused of the crime he never committed, he moved to Ulaanbaatar.

In Ulaanbaatar, Batbayar got a job at a real estate agency. The job was simple, Batbayar was required to show houses and offices to the prospects. Batbayar was happy with his real estate agency job, it had already been 3 years, and the owner of the real estate agency was so happy with Batbayar’s honesty and his skills to convince the prospect that he was paying him the salary equivalent to an electrical engineer in Mongolia.

After 2 more years, Batbayar started thinking of starting his own real estate agency as he thought he was too smart for working for someone else and he also found his salary lower compared to what he thought he deserves. He inaugurated his own real estate agency on the date that he considers to be his lucky number – 13th, April 2010. He was 23 at that time and about to be 24. He named his real estate agency – ‘Batbayar’s Homes and Offices’.

Within 3 months, Batbayar’s real estate agency became a huge success. He was making 4 millon Mongolian Togrogs per month from the fourth month onwards to the 7 month. By 10th month, he was making 7 million Mongolian Togrogs per month.

With Batbayar’s growing income came many hobbies and one of those hobbies is hunting. Batbayar loves to hunt down Ibex, Wild Sheeps, and Goats with his bow and best bow sight. He once took his uncle who accused him of stealing to the hunting sight to show him his new lifestyle and as they say “success is the greatest revenge”. His uncle was about to piss his pants with jealousy seeing Batbayar’s lavish lifestyle, especially his pictures with those Mumbai Russian escorts.

Batbayar now owns 15 cars belonging to 8 different brands and although Batbayar is filthy rich, he regularly reads blog posts telling how to improve gas mileage.

Phuket Dentist claims comedians and Football News Watchers rarely suffer with Dental Diseases

Dr Kritst Kaewcha-um is a Dentist from Phuket, Thailand, who claims on his blog that comedians, humor lovers and ข่าวบอล news watchers are some of the people least likely to suffer with dental diseases.

Dr Kritst Kaewcha-um also claims on his blog that emotional people have stronger teeth in general. And he writes that it is a wonder that they don’t discuss lost teeth on the Pro-Wrestling Arenas on the Podcasts and other programs related to the Pro-Wrestling. He adds that perhaps there is a hidden agenda behind the same.

Dr Kritst Kaewcha-um writes on his blog that the people of the third-world countries, especially the ones belonging to the African continent are least likely to suffer with broken teeth, cavities, sensitive teeth and periodontists. He adds that there are no latest statistics or other information available on the same, but according to Dr Marcus Shapiro’s rough estimation, it has to be at least 5 times less likely among them.

Dr Kritst Kaewcha-um literally seems obsessed with everything African. He has a perfectly healthy and shiny straight hair, but he prefers to wear an Afro wig that he bought using wig store online to the work everyday and to the parties as well.

Dr Kritst Kaewcha-um studied Geology as a hobby for months, only to come to the conclusion that it is more mythical than all the religions of the world combined. He says that it proved to be one of the biggest time-wasters in his life followed by the television.

Dr Kritst Kaewcha-um claims that the gynecologists, especially the females, are more likely to get dental issues than any other medical specialists.

Makassar Mentor uses all the fee he accumulates to bet on Online Poker

Imran Ali from Makassar, Indonesia, believes there’s no reason for the Tesla stocks to go down. He says that the stocks split as it’s going into the S&P 500.

Imran doubts S&P 500 would affect Apple too greatly. He says that he is sure that there will be a boost at some point but not too big. He says it has more of an affect getting announced that it would be in the S&P 500 then it actually being here. His opinion anyway. Apple stocks split to make the stocks more accessible to a broader base of investors.

Normally, the reason, as stock prices are too high. In some places buying a fraction of stocks is just not possible.

Imran writes that a lot of average people have invested in some sort of stocks in the past half-year. He says that people are very interested in Tesla. But where stocks cost over 2000. It just is not possible for a student or so. They cannot buy fractions of shares and know very little.

Imran claims Tesla mainly split because of S&P 500.

Imran is a mentor also. He mentors people, teaches and sell his own e-books on trading, how to trade, how to start their own business. Everything related to business pretty much. Of course, for which he charges. All the money he earns that way, he uses to bet on poker online, which he claims has multiplied the same by 3 times within 4 months now.

Imran believes stocks like Berkshire Hathaway are still for long time. It’s because they cost so much or either not worth investing into.

Imran dislikes ‘Finance’ Discord servers as they mostly tend to be full of opportunistic ‘go-getters’ who like shilling their family, friends and random strangers out for a few cents.

This Yala Online Gambler loves Baccarat and hates Signal Groups

Nuis Day from Yala, Thailand, is a trader by the day and an online gambler by the night, who manages both private and institutional accounts of medium and large size. She is always curious to learn what other day traders are up to, so she joins different Discord servers, subreddits, and other social media platforms to keep a check on what other people are up to.

Nuis writes nothing gives her more pleasure than smoking hookah, drinking coffee and bet on bacara.

Nuis writes reading books related to money, business and financial freedom is her second best hobby after betting. She always complains that she doesn’t know many people that share the same set of hobbies.

Nuis has always been outspoken against the so-=called ‘signal groups’. She writes those who really manage to make money in the markets, don’t need to sell something. She adds if one could make 20k a day, why would they bother selling signals to 500 subscribers for 50 bucks per month. And if they were passionate about the markets, they would not try to get away from it and build a marketing business. Well, real estate, of course is obligatory. But signal group? No way!

Nuis once wrote a long comment beneath a YouTube video of one so-called trading guru that if you were comfortable with trading and enjoyed it, you would stick with that and get some nice swing trades set up!

She also added “You guys are afraid of the markets. You fear very click on the mouse, every single move in the market and every entry the take. That’s the reason why you switched to marketing and sales.

Tampa Man stopped using Reddit and started betting on Singapore Soccer Sites

Pedro Swanson from Singapore, is a spirituality and self-improvement blogger, who believes there is an unparalleled beauty to depression when you accept it. He once wrote on his blog “It is midnight. Depression holds me close. It wraps its arms around me. I don’t fight it. I let it take a hold of me. I let it protect me. I let it numb me.”

Pedro believes depression is only ugly when you fight it and it is a pity that 99.99% of the people who ever get it, fight it. He questions “Why fight when your body is trying to protect you by putting you into a deep rest?”

Pedro tells his audience to listen to depression. He says it always has something very valuable to teach.

Pedro says you become depressed so you can see the world for how it is without your emotions getting in the way.

Pedro believes that true love is admiration. He says the love present in most relationships is not real love; there is an attachment, possession.

Pedro believes browsing manosphere is arguably as harmful as browsing pornography.

Pedro doesn’t browse Reddit anymore since he came across the term ‘Karma Whoring’. Rather, he uses the same time to bet on Singapore Soccer Betting websites.

Pedro writes on his blog that he cannot go out looking for a woman. Every woman he speaks to will be defiled. He will be vigorously speaking to them which in turn lowers their consciousness bringing them in the same ego realm. He claims this is why the advocates of MGTOW purport all women are the same. They don’t understand that the other is simply a mirror.

Pedro claims that if you die without having procreated, you will return to God. But if you procreate, you will experience consciousness through your children upon death.

Become a Receiver, a Receiver of Easy-Money – Luciano Lombard from Turin, Italy

Luciano Lombardi from Turin, Italy, is a full-time improver and part-time gambler, who practices celibacy as he believes it helps with wealth creation by bringing good luck. He says that when he used to be a womaniser, he could never imagine winning as much amount of money with migliori casino online Italia as he does now.

Luciano writes that reducing room temperature and avoiding meals right before bed helps with celibacy for him.

He believes there are many misconceptions on what is and and what isn’t healthy in the current times.

Luciano claims that the practice of celibacy is pretty well-established in the old cultures, such as in India and China. He says that the people who call it a broscience are completely ignorant.

Luciano claims celibacy expands consciousness similar to Marijuana.

Luciano writes that every man ought to live in a monastery for a few months before getting married; Because if you wouldn’t be content living in the monastery away from all women for a few months, you would never be content living with a woman for the rest of your life.

Luciano believes prayer is a type of meditation, but meditation is not necessarily prayer, however. He says that in prayer you act as well, but in meditation you receive as well.

Luciano recommends everyone that they practice different types of meditation.

Small Business Owner Achieved His Dream of Writing a Book on Bangladesh with Agile Ball Money

Farid Ardiyansyah from North Sumatra, Indonesia, is a small businessman, who could recently accomplish his dream of authoring a book on the nation of Bangladesh, thanks to agile ball (bola tangkas) betting that made him financially well enough to pursue this dream of his.

Farid writes in his book that there should be no doubt in the head of anyone who studied the history of Bangladesh thoroughly that the term ‘Bangla’ comes from the ancient Sanskrit term ‘Vanga’ as described in the ancient Indian texts – Ramayana and others.

Farid believes that the hominids have been living in Bangladesh for at least over 700, 000 years now. He hopes that the researchers find out about this soon and stop misguiding people by telling them that the humans have been living in Bangladesh for over 20, 000 years now.

Farid doubts that the Austroasiatics lived in large numbers in what is now called Bangladesh during the ancient times.

Farid writes that Bangladesh was never as rich as some so-called Indian scholars like Dr Shashi Tharoor make it sound like.He adds that Dr Shashi Tharoor himself is a British national, and to gain attention, affection and voters, he makes exaggerated lies quite often. Then Farid adds that Dr Shashi Tharoor’s lie that the modern day Bangladesh was responsible for 12% GDP of the world before the British arrived is really a funny and ridiculous one.

Farid speculates that the current day Bangladesh would be divided into 3 different parts soon:- One for the Orthodox Muslims, Second for the Liberal Muslims and Third for the Hindu Minorities. Out of which, he believes, Orthodox one would be the largest and will have the biggest landmass, sympathy and cooperation from the other Islamic nations. He believes Buddhists and Christians would choose to go with the liberal Islamic nation in that scenario.

Farid claims that before replacing the Sanskrit with Bengali as the vernacular language in Bengal, the Muslim rulers of the Mughal Empire and their cronies tried to replace it with the Persian, but a large population of the place rejected it.