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Zakir Ali Radzhan from Kuching, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes there has been Shia unrest far before the Iranian Revolution. He writes the truth is that they are discriminated against and denied many rights almost everywhere, hence they have every reason to demand it.

Zakir lived in Palestine for a good while and while being there, he observed that the Palestinians were being killed by those reprobates. He writes however at the same time, he doesn’t know any Palestinian who lived in Gaza and didn’t lose at least one family member. He comments that after the whole Jerusalem move and the coming out of the shadows for some nations within Muslim Ummah to finally show the Muslims that they were on board with Kushner’s formula of selling a mothballed state to the Palestinians and that they were in bed with the Israelis. He further comments that the Palestinians have time and time again attempted to make peace only to be met with prevarications.

People think of the terrorists the way media portrays them but the terrorists are the clean looking people in suits and dresses who enjoy nights with those fantastic Morjim female escorts on a regular.

Zakir Ali Radzhan

Zakir claims the Israelis have been testing their weapons on the poor Palestinians. He further claims that when the Israelis sell their arms to Muslim hating nations like India, it literally says “Tested in Gaza”.

Zakir claims the CNN has been the worst channel when it comes to the issue of the Palestine. He accuses them of smiling recklessly at the beleaguered Palestinians and always undercutting the voices of the Palestinians asking for their rights from degusting verbal belch by fake political pundits. He says that these so-called political pundits should rather learn the Malay language and make a living through trusted 2021 Malaysia online casino as they are definitely not fit for their job and have been doing Iblees’ work. He further accuses the CNN of dehumanising the Palestinians like no other TV channel.

Zakir claims to know a man who once worked as a paratrooper in the Israel Defence Forces. He told him that the IDF as an institution commits many horrible things towards the Palestinians at the behest of the Ghoulish Israeli Government. He doesn’t completely blame the people who are part of the IDF for this as Israel has a mandatory military conscription system for men and women of 18 years of age, hence it is not their fault, they just happen to be a part of such ghastly military organization, but he rather blames those who take pride in their service for the IDF, especially any service that involves harming Palestinians while trying to promote it as a ‘good’ and ‘benign’ institution and doing their best to getting away with many of the terrible things they have committed against Palestinians as ‘moral’.

A Small Italian Village That Bets On Safe Online Casinos Full-Time

Abriana Cairo from Naples, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes when it comes to the European Politics, she likes parties like Alternatif fur Deutschland, The National Front, The Golden Dawn, the Fascists in Italy, etc.

Abriana once met a small community in her native village that has a mutation of protein linked to breaking down cholesterol. She says she never heard of such a thing till she met the people of this community.

Abriana met some Muslim immigrants once who told her about their belief that they will Islamize the actual Rome in Italy with the money they win with safe online casinos (casino online sicuri).

Abriana is sad to learn that several tourists to Italy each year fail to enjoy the Italian experience.

Abriana writes it is funny how all Arab nations couldn’t defeat Israel, but Turkey managed to defeat Britain, France, Greece, Armenia and Italy.

Justinian almost killed Belisarius (the General who singlehandedly reconquered North Africa, Sicily, Italy and beat back the Persians). Justinian opted instead to let his wife turn Belisarius into a cuck.

Abriana Cairo

Abriana doesn’t agree with those who say the word “Italic” is used to refer to Pre-Roman Italy. She believes it has its origins somewhere else.

There has never been a Muslim Terrorist Attack in Italy because we had a lot of Communist terrorist attacks in the 1980s, so our intelligence is trained and experienced against terrorism.

Abriana Cairo

Abriana writes that the best thing about Italy is that during winter, it is pretty cold and during summer it is pretty hot unlike its casinos or those escorts in Morjim which are hot all 12 months of the year.

Abriana writes it is a pity that in Italy in Emiglia Romagna close to half of the private sector is collectively owned by its workers and a lot of that was from structural changes to local laws and they happen to blow the rest of Italy out of the water when it comes to the wages, job security and job satisfaction.

Abriana agrees with those who say that Italy is a pretty strange example for labour markets.

Abriana has a Moka pot but she only uses that because she has a gas stove as well. She writes if you don’t have a gas stove, the best is to get a French press or a drip coffee pot, one with a timer is even good, then you can make a whole pot. She adds that her ‘Made in Italy’ Moka pot only makes one cup at a time, so it is not good for the guests.

Abriana doesn’t agree with those who say that Italy has been inferior even since Rome fell to the Barbarians.

Abriana’s brother works for a Dutch company that recently opened subsidiaries in all over USA and Europe. They are about to move to Italy and very likely will close their headquarters in Netherlands.

The Cultural Decline In Europe Is Responsible For The Increment In Sports Betting News Popularity

Futaba Tanaka from Toyko, Japan, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes conservatism is becoming the new counterculture. She believes freeganism can be considered as a sub-culture. She believes there is a paedophile conspiracy among the global elite. She also believes one should judge a person based on their music taste.

Futaba thinks the mentally retarded should receive the right to vote.

Futaba thinks Khazaria should be considered a Jewish state.

Futaba is unhappy that Anachronism has become a too common argument in the west.

Futaba claims wearing a Kippah increased the beard growth rate on her husband.

Futaba thinks the bay of pigs should have succeeded; Schools should teach students a healthy diet; The government should sponsor digital literary courses for old people; Mainstream Media should show latest sports betting news more than the celebrity and sports news; The cultural decline in the west must be put to an end.

Futaba believes the trend of the internet becoming less free will eventually be reversed. She also believes that techno-nationalism poses danger to internet freedoms.

Futaba thinks it is stupid comparing Muslim immigrants in Europe with invaders. She spends 20 minutes a day bashing White Supremacists who think that way on the social media.

Futaba doesn’t agree with those who believe Lukashenko (Belarusian President) that Russian mercenaries tried to incite unrest in Belarus before the elections.

Futaba wishes if encyclopaedias were unbiased and the escorts in US were as hot as those Delhi escorts.

Futaba doesn’t agree with those who believe there are some words and/or expressions that cannot be translated.

After participating in several Discord groups, Futaba has come to the conclusion that poggers is an actual hate symbol.

I would happily volunteer in a Second American Civil War if it were to happen.

Futaba Tanaka

Futaba thinks the breakup of the UK is more likely to happen than not now Post-Brexit. She predicts it is going to happen within the next 10-20 years.

Futaba thinks Donald Trump should be permanently removed from the Twitter. She also thinks that Donald Trump should be held accountable for perpetuating lies about the election.

Chelsea Clinton Will Remove All Taxes From Slot Machines In US After Becoming President – Wolf Noack

Wolf Noack from Seoul, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who thinks there is no such thing as the best cuisine, it is just a matter of taste and the pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza.

Wolf thinks South Korea would be better if more focus was put on local elections and local responsibilities rather than national elections and national responsibilities.

Empires over Nation-States any day of the year.

Wolf Noack

Wolf thinks personal data ought to be treated as private property.

Wolf believes in the near future, most first-world kids would be educated using video games and the tradition would follow soon in the second and third-world as well.

Wolf believes Chelsea Clinton is going to be the First Female US President and Judi Online will overtake every other gambling style in terms of revenues and popularity.

Wolf thinks Koreans’ response to the rioting in Los Angeles, 1992, is the perfect example of why US needs the Second Amendment.

Wolf believes age is a social construct and beauty is objective. He also believes beauty pageants do more harm than good.

Wolf thinks Carlism should have won the Spanish Civil War.

Wolf believes suicide is never justified and transgender women are real women.

Wolf finds books better than films as entertainment.

If 16-17 year olds can’t vote, their pay checks shouldn’t be taxed. Otherwise, it is taxation without representation.

Wolf thinks a society cannot be Egalitarian if it is Capitalist, and race is not a valid scientific term.

Wolf believes loot boxes is gambling and gaming disorder is real.

Wolf writes a government is being tyrannical if a disgruntled populace play by its own rules.

Wolf believes Jeffrey Epstein was an asset of the Israeli Mossad, United States of America’s CIA, British MI6 and Indian RAW.

Wolf thinks art movements can be better/worse than others.

Wolf writes he will never join a protest, no matter what they stand for.

Free Money Is As Real As The Human Society

Rolland Steinert from Gahanna, Ohio, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes that the society does not exist, we just like to think it does, just like we just like to think that free money doesn’t exist, but in reality it does.

It is crazy that so many people support Trump, despite the news and the polls, 70 million votes for him. My whole family and extended family hates him. With the news constantly saying he is satan.

Rolland Steinert

Rolland believes Donald Trump is Modern Caesar and Democracy is trash.

Rolland campaigns actively online against automation and drugs.

Rolland used to actively campaign against death penalty online, but then realized the pros of it after noticing the rise of the crime rate in the countries it was lifted off.

Rolland still cannot figure out why Trump did the travel ban for predominantly Muslim countries. He is not willing to agree with those who claim that he was actually enforcing a policy written by Obama appointed Democrats for terrorist hotspots and lack of documentation.

Someone in my extended family was the Liberal Defence Minister of Canada in like the year 2004, he went to Afghanistan and his car got bombed.

Rolland Steinert

Rolland doubts the whole world will be Communist by 2060 and there will be no national boundaries anywhere with the descendants of the current Mexican Powerful Drug Cartels in some of the most powerful government designations.

Rolland believes all the US elections are rigged and the President of the USA is a puppet of the CIA. He wishes if the CIA chose Donald Trump, as Rolland could at least stand his speeches. He used to watch Trump on the TV when there was nothing else to watch.

Plant-Based Meat, Vodka and Online Pokies – Perfect Recipe for a Happy Life

Castor Troy from Western Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Blogger, who thinks the NBA and NFL players should use their platform to promote BLM and spread awareness to “systematic racism”.

Sand is really annoying and itchy and stuff.

Seawater is salty, also full of stinging jellyfishes.

People are really annoying, especially when there’s lots of them and they are strangers.

Sunshine hurts your eyes and skin.

People who go to the beach to have a good time are experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Castor Troy

Castor believes there is going to be no winner in the geopolitical showdown/conflict between America and China.

Castor claims Hempel’s Raven Paradox is 100% refuted by the standard Bayesian solution.

Castor believes both American and Chinese imperialism are not good for the world.

Castor thinks the World Trade Organization should scrap fishing subsidies.

Castor believes American History should be mandatory in classrooms globally as he believes it is full of wisdom like no other.

Castor says he would rather have Boris as the President of the US for 40 years than having Donald Trump as the President of the US for 4 more years.

Castor believes an illegal immigrant’s child should never be given citizenship to the country they are born in.

Castor believes Israel has no right to exist.

Castor prefers vodka over whiskey and Best Australian Online Pokies over any other.

Castor believes men are naturally more benevolent while women are malevolent by nature. In case of the children, they are more benevolent than malevolent in general.

Castor believes plant-based meat will eventually be the main type of meat consumed by the majority of the people.

Automotive engineer buying a Tesla Model S with the football gambling money speaks a lot for itself

Monique Benton lived in Havana, Cuba for over a decade and she claims that the Cuban cigar is one of the biggest scams that ever happened on earth. She says that the Cuban cigars are extremely overrated and overpriced and a Marlboro is better than a Cuban cigar any day for her.

Monique’s brother – Mickey is an automotive engineer who says that Germany’s iron and steel is no match to its Scandinavian counterparts but the opposite is true when it comes to the engineering. Mickey says that the Jaguar, Land Rover or Volvo could never compare to the Mercedes, Audi or BMW when it came to the engineering but Volvo cars’ steel quality was the best thing about it and now when 90% of the Volvo cars are made in the Republic of China, it is not worth to buy a Volvo, it is best to stick with the German cars. Mickey says that if Jaguar starts buying steel for its car from Norwegian or Swedish company, it can increase its sales multifold.

Mickey says that it is his personal experience and observation that the tall people are great leaders and have a quality of taking along the common people together whereas short people are brilliant thinkers and strategists.

Mickey claims that Christine Lagarde – the MD and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a secret investor in several Japanese CVT companies including some of the top ones. He says that she is so corrupt that nobody has an idea about how much money she made with working at IMF.

Mickey says that having worked with so many different top companies, he believes that the modern multi-billion dollar businesses aren’t as responsible towards the society as their previous counterparts.

Having worked for automotive companies for the most of his life, Mickey claims that the mechanics make more money that most think or believe.

Mickey recently bought a Tesla Model S with the money that he won with Football Betting, thanks to ข่าวกีฬาอัพเดท and Mickey’s fluency in Thai language, without which he couldn’t even think about making this much amount of money with online gambling.

Moving to Hong Kong from Ireland might sound retarded to most but it can turn into a goldmine for some

Julia Quinn is one of the friendliest citizens of Hong Kong that you have never met. Julia was born to an Irish couple in the city of Waterford but she migrated to Hong Kong as her business plan was only applicable there. Julia expected to make billions within a decade with her business idea but somehow she has only been able to make millions. She has promised her friends, family and herself that she will become a billionaire by 2025.

Julia is one daring woman and it is evident from her migrating to a country like Hong Kong from a so-called heaven – Ireland with nothing but a business plan.

Julia’s daring and courage is not merely evident from her decision of moving from Ireland to Hong Kong, but it is evident from almost each and everything that she does including making bold claims publicly like “Moammar Gaddafi was killed by the United States of America in alliance with the state of Saudi Arabia”.

Julia claims that the United States of America is the real brain behind most of what has been going in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Eurasian countries and South Korea for the past few decades. Julia says that the mainstream media will tell you that these are mere conspiracies whereas what the mainstream media shows us is the conspiracy and what they allege to be conspiracies are the realities.

Julia is a student of history and she says that many historians throughout the history have confused the black death with the flood and the flood with the black death (plague). Julia says that the plague was never as widespread as it is believed to be and more than half of the deaths reported to be caused by the plague in reality happened because of the flood.

Julia is not scared to accept that chudjen bet is responsible for 30% of her income and she is proud of this fact instead.

Saudi Arabian Youtuber cannot spend enough time at the salon

Saba is a female Youtuber from Dubai. Saba’s childhood wasn’t a pleasurable one. She was labeled as “educable mentally retarded”.

Saba was always depressed during her childhood and the name “Mexico” always creates a nostalgic breeze in her mind. She wants to visit Mexico at least once in her life to know what that nostalgic breeze is all about. She hasn’t yet been able to go there.

Saba is a great singer and dancer. Her friends and family all always encouraged her to create a Youtube channel to showcase her talent. Saba was too shy to be on Youtube first, but she gradually started to think about it.

Only after first 2 weeks of creating the Youtube channel, one of Saba’s videos went viral and got 500, 000 views within that month only.

Saba’s confidence was very much boosted and she continued to upload 2 new videos each week. Now, Saba has over 2 million subscribers on the Youtube, over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and over 5 million Facebook followers.

Now, whenever Saba looks back at her past, she cries. She cries thinking about how much of her life she has wasted thinking about questions like “What others are thinking about her?” “Why god made her a retard?” “Why she isn’t as intelligent as the others?” “Will she ever find the man of her dreams?”

Saba also cries tears of joy when she reads the comments on her Youtube videos, Twitter and Facebook.

Saba never told anyone until recently that she even worked as a Delhi Incall Escort for a while when she lived in India.

Just like Les Brown said “Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.”

Saba is a Halloween freak and she is thinking of starting her own Halloween website as well, but she is too busy all the time getting her hair and face done at her most favorite ladies salon nearby whenever she is not creating a video.

Department Store Cashier’s Rise to Becoming One of the Richest Women in Thailand with Online Baccarat

Belinha used to work as a cashier at one of the top department store chains in Thailand until about 8 months ago. Belinha is 28 now and is a millionaire. Belinha owns a Volvo V90 Cross Country, a BMW 7 Series, a Mercedes E Class and a Jaguar XJ. Do you think it is possible for a department store cashier to have 4 luxury cars at age 28?

Belinha is getting married to her childhood sweetie this year in the month of November. Belinha was surprised to see that her childhood love has already gone bald by now and she gave him the money to get a hair transplant.

Belinha also has many pets now including a Brazilian Mastiff, a Chihuahua, 4 Hamsters and a Munchkin cat.

Belinha still recalls the day when she didn’t have enough buy to earphones to listen songs after coming back home from work. Belinha now lives in a nice lavish bungalow in Pattaya with freshwater fishes all around and wants to shift to Bel Air one day.

Belinha, after she got an internet connection, didn’t waste her time doing useless chats on online chatrooms after getting an internet connection. She used her time on the internet very wisely learning new skills. About 15 months ago, Belinha came across a website teaching how to dropship products from Amazon to eBay. You buy at low prices from a website and sell it for higher on eBay. Belinha really liked the idea and started daydreaming about becoming a billionaire and her new life. But sadly, her job didn’t pay her enough to start her own dropshipping business. Would you like to know what Belinha did to get enough money to start her own dropshipping business? Then check out this no commission Baccarat (บาคาร่า ไม่มีคอมมิชชั่น) website right now.